Wednesday 25th March 2020 Day 2 Coronavirus Lockdown

27th March 2020

So today I got up feeling more positive, I had a plan of things to do. Firstly i needed to go shopping, a bit anxious about doing this as I hadn’t done this for a week and I would have to go on my own. Would it be really busy? Would there be anything on the shelves? What I someone got too close to me? All these things going on in my head but I have to do it! Hopefully I’d get some groceries for my parents so I would have to take them to their house, then a run and lastly sand down the skirting boards in the conservatory and paint on an undercoat. All that should keep me busy.

So shopping, I had a list of a few things I needed and a few things my parents needed. No bulk buying for me, I don’t like shopping at the best of times, I usually shop online but there’s no chance of getting a delivery slot at the moment. I drive to the supermarket, it was ok not too busy. I put on my gloves, wipe my trolley with antibacterial wipes and do my shopping. I managed to get most things I needed, just things like paracetamol, baked beans, minced beef and flour were sold out. Once I’d got everything I stood on my circle until I was told to go to a cashier. It was all done very well and everyone respected the 2 metre rule as best they could in a shop.

I put my parents shopping at their door, rung the bell and stepped away. It was lovely to see my parents and chat with them from a distance. It’s really hard for them as they aren’t leaving their house. A few neighbours came past and chatted, asking if anyone needed anything. It so nice to see the community all coming together.

After putting my shopping away I went for my daily exercise, another run, at least this is getting my joy for running back. I did the same route as yesterday although I walked some as my daughter FaceTimed and I couldn’t miss the chance to speak to my gorgeous grandson. 10km done. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, definitely brightens up your day.

Had some lunch, roast beef sandwich, then onto the painting. My word it’s so hot our conservatory with the sun shining on it. Whilst painting I decided to listen to an audible book, it’s a literacy classic, I’ve not heard of it, it’s called ‘A Brave New World’ it’s a bit weird but I’ll persevere with it.

The rest of the day went by uneventful. I cooked dinner, chicken korma, rice and naan bread, tidied up then watched a bit of tv with my husband before he went to work and I went to bed.

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