Sunday 29th March 2020 Day 6 Coronavirus Lockdown

29th March 2020

Another day, another day not going out, unless it’s your once a day exercise. It’s cold and windy which puts you off going for a run.

The morning starts of lovely as we FaceTimed our 3 year old grandaughter, we chatted for about half an hour, watching her play and do her hair and make up. It broke my heart when she just randomly said ‘I miss you nanny.’ This is the worst thing ever not being able to see our grandchildren and not being able to give them a big hug. I miss them so much.

I need to do some shopping which is a massive effort as this causes massive anxiety. I was trying to last a few more days but I know my parents need some things. It’s Sunday so shops aren’t open till 10am. I sat around till 10.15 then left before I could get myself worked up about it. As I need stuff for my parents as well as myself, my husband and my youngest and you are limited to the amount of certain items you can buy I firstly went to Farmfoods to see what I could get in there. It wasn’t too busy and the shelves and freezers were pretty well stocked. I even managed to get baked beans and toilet rolls! Next I went to Morrisons it was ok in there too and I got most of what I wanted even paracetamol! Success.

I took the shopping to my parents house, left it on their doorstep then walked away. They were pleased to see me and I was happy to see them but unfortunately the weather was awful, cold and it started to hail so we couldn’t chat for long so that was disappointing.

Putting off going for a run, I made a couple of cheese and pickle rolls, a couple of pickled onions and 2 packets of cheese and onion crisps for my lunch. Really got to stop pigging out! I then started making a scrapbook of my granddaughter. I’ve been getting photos printed out for a long while and I even bought the scrapbook but I just never got round to actually doing it. so I start cutting a glueing. It’s lovely looking at the pictures of her.

I eventually pushed myself out the door and managed a 5k run, still very slow, I can’t seem to run quick at the moment. It was cold and windy but thankfully it didn’t hail or snow whilst I was out, so wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I can’t believe we put the clocks forward last night so technically British summertime has started and we had our first snowflakes today of the winter. What is the world coming too?

So it’s Sunday and we always have a roast dinner, I decided to cook a chicken for a change as we usually have beef. My son was like ‘I don’t want a roast, not with chicken’ so I said he could have pasta and garlic bread with his. My husband didn’t want gravy with his either he wanted ketchup so I made a roast just for me. Sad!

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