Saturday 28th March 2020 Day 5 Coronavirus Lockdown

30th March 2020

No motivation this morning, didn’t even get dressed, just sorted all my clothes and things I might need from the bedroom and took them down with me. Just sat on the sofa with a big mug of coffee. No P.E. With Joe this morning as it’s Saturday which is probably a good thing as I hurt, my quads hurt, my abs hurt and my arms hurt but I need to push myself out the door to run as it’s parkrunday or at least it used to be.

It’s cold today and not so sunny with a North easterly wind so I’m not looking forward to running but I am going to do 5k. I put more clothes on than I have been including gloves and headband to keep my ears warm. Although once I got going I did get warm. I managed to run 5k although slow but that’s fine as I’m doing for enjoyment not to push myself. I had to jump over a fallen tree which made it different.

Lunchtime when I got home as I hadn’t eaten, I made pancakes and thought I’d try something new on them. Nutella and banana, mmm yummy. I’m going to get well fat as all I think about is food and I’m doing different things as I’ve got nothing else to do or think about. Although pancakes are protein and nutella is protein as its got nut in it and bananas are carbs for energy, I think that makes it all ok.

After lunch I sat in the conservatory and chatted with mum and dad, I think were going to run out of conversation as they aren’t able to go out and do anything and I can’t really do much but we chatted for quite a while to pass the time.

Dinner time (here we go again more food, but what else is there?) minced beef and onion pie, mash potato and baked beans. Oh and gravy. I do love food.

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My name is Sharon. I am a forty something nanny who runs. I am married and I have four grown up children, two grown up stepsons and three grandchildren. My family is the most important thing to me in the world and will always come first to everything.

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