Parkrun Anniversary

29th September 2019

It’s been 3 years since I ran my first parkrun, wow that times gone quick and so much has happened. Never would I have thought that this would progress into me running races let alone a half marathon and I could never even have dreamt that I would run a marathon! I have though.

It all started with couch to 5k, I was already fairly active doing Zumba classes and going to the gym but circumstances changed and I no longer wanted to pay out for my gym membership so I started running, it was free wasn’t it? All you needed was a pair of trainers (little did I know!)

When I first went out I couldn’t run very far, a mile at the most, I was shocked I thought I was fit! A friend recommended couch to 5k so my journey began. It was brilliant, I can’t recommend it enough, you have to be patient as you feel like you’re not running much to start with but by the end of the 8 weeks I could run 5k. Amazing!

Results of my first parkrun

3 years later and 120 parkruns completed, I still can’t believe what I have achieved! I’ve managed this on my own accord, I don’t go to a running club and I don’t have running buddies (my choice). I like to run alone, apart from parkrun and races, just me, my music and the open road.

The results for my 120th parkrun

My times have improved and I still like to try for a pb but other times I just like to plod around and enjoy the run, the people and the scenery.

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My name is Sharon. I am a forty something nanny who runs. I am married and I have four grown up children, two grown up stepsons and three grandchildren. My family is the most important thing to me in the world and will always come first to everything.

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