My Journey Part 1

24th October 2019

2017 became the year when running took on a more serious note.  I loved the feeling that I got after my first race so I booked lots more races.  

I’d seen in a magazine a race advertised in London. Now I love going to London so this seemed ideal.  It wasn’t a really serious race as it was a cancer research one but it was a big one, as in the amount of people who enter it. Twenty thousand people!  The London winter run was a fundraising event for cancer research and a fun event with entertainment around the course. Snow machine at the start, people dressed up as polar bears and penguins, singers and bands. Definitely sounded fun.

I started in January with the girls run the world challenge of running everyday in January as I do love a challenge to keep me motivated. Some days I only ran a mile but every week I ran one run of at least 10k. In preparation for the London winter run.

I successfully completed the challenge and got the T-shirt. Then it was the weekend of the race, we travelled down to London on Friday evening so I could do a spot of parkrun tourism Saturday morning. I know most people don’t run the day before a race but I can’t not do parkrun if I’m away from my hometown. So off to Southwark parkrun my husband and I went.  I took it easy so not to over do it. Although my time of 26.49 wasn’t bad.

Race day came and I was nervous but excited, we arrived at Trafalgar Square and I’ve never seen so many people! This was Big!  

The race went well and I loved every minute of it, the crowds, the entertainment and the polar bears.  

After this I entered lots of local races from 5k’s to 5 milers to another 10k.  Including Race for life with my mum and the Colour run with lots of family members for a bit of fun.

Then I made the decision to run a half marathon. What was I thinking! 13.1 miles!

November came and so did my first half marathon, it was scary but I’d done the training, I was ready and I think my time showed this.  2 hours 7 minutes and 39 seconds, I was so proud of myself.

The next challenge, The London Marathon.  A charity place, I needed to train to run 26.2 miles and raise £2000 for Get Kids Going.  It was going to be hard but I could do this!

The Next Challenge

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My name is Sharon. I am a forty something nanny who runs. I am married and I have four grown up children, two grown up stepsons and three grandchildren. My family is the most important thing to me in the world and will always come first to everything.

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