Monday 30th March 2020 Day 7 Coronavirus Lockdown

30th March 2020

It’s Monday, another day in Lockdown! Had a coffee then put my running gear on ready to do P.E. with Joe at 9am. So half an hour jumping around the kitchen apparently for fun. No doubt I’ll hurt tomorrow but it’s good for me.

Actually done a bit of housework this morning as my hubby didn’t go straight to bed as he wanted to watch a bit of tv. Then we had a lovely surprise, my brother, sister in law and my niece FaceTimed us from Australia. It was really lovely to chat with them as it’s not something we have really done. It’s much the same in Australia as it is here, they are working from home and my niece isn’t going to childcare. This is all so surreal! Hopefully we’ll chat with them again soon, this all makes you realise how important it is to stay in contact with family and friends.

My husband went of to bed so I decided to spend the morning doing some more of my scrapbook, I should be decorating but that just seems like too much hard work today.

Lunchtime, that’s all I seem to think about at the minute is food! I boil some eggs and mash them up with salad cream to have in my rolls. It’s been a while since I’ve had that. They were yummy! I also had some crisps and a small children’s yoghurt that I’d bought for the grandchildren but obviously they need eating up as they can’t come round and eat them.

After I finished lunch I FaceTimed my parents to see what they’ve been up to although I know it’s not much as they can’t even leave the house. They are doing really well since it’s been a week since they’ve not gone out. I don’t know how they are staying so cheerful, I’m already going out of my mind.

It’s 2pm I need to go for my once a day exercise, it’s windy outside and I really do not enjoy running in wind. It’s a cold wind too coming from the North east. I decided on a route that I thought wouldn’t have too many people about. Was I wrong there! There was way too many people out walking and walking their dogs. Totally wrong time to run, some people don’t even make any effort to move aside to adhere to the 2 meters social distancing, so frustrating! Many times I had to cross the road or run in the road. Why can’t people just respect other people’s space. I managed to run/walk 8k I don’t know what’s wrong with me as I’m really struggling to run.

I had my be seen top on today that my son bought me for mothers day, it’s a lonely goat running club training top and I wore my lonely goat leggings too.

The rest of the day just sort of passed insignificantly, I finished what I could of my scrapbook as I have no more photos printed of my granddaughter, I drank a couple of glasses of red wine, cooked my son his dinner. I just had an apple and custard puff as I couldn’t be bothered to do myself anything. My husband got up and had something to eat, we watched some tv and he went of to work and I went to bed and thats another day done!

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