Friday 27th March 2020 Day 4 Coronavirus Lockdown

28th March 2020

So day 4 and a similar start to yesterday, 9am P.E with Joe. I already hurt from yesterday so today is going to be tough. Thirty minutes later and that’s done, next my once a day outside exercise.

I’m doing a different route today as I don’t want to go as far and I want to run past my daughter and sons houses as I just need to see a familiar face and a chat for real not over FaceTime. I know we’re not supposed to but I’m running past so there’s no harm as we won’t be near each other.

About 8km ran today, more than I was going to do even though it was a lot colder than yesterday, the wind is very fresh. I stopped at my daughters front gate and chatted to her whilst she stood in her doorway, a lot more than 2 metres apart. Thankfully my little grandson was asleep as I don’t think I could cope with seeing him and not being able to give him a cuddle. It was lovely to see and speak properly with my daughter, next stop my so sons house. We chat for a while in his front garden, keeping our distance as we don’t want to take any chances. It was great to see him, hopefully we can do it again as long as we can still run.

Back home I needed to stay quiet as yesterday I disturbed my husband when he was trying to sleep, he’s working nights so he pretty much sleeps all day. I sat in the conservatory and FaceTimed my parents as they’re on their own in all this misery. After chatting with them and eating lunch I got on with glossing the skirting boards in the conservatory. Earphones in whilst watching Netflix and painting. I definitely didn’t disturb my husband today, he slept all day as I shut myself in the conservatory and kitchen.

The evening was the same, dinner, tv, hubby goes to work and I go to bed. Ready for the same old thing tomorrow. Although we did have a bit of fun with a new app called Houseparty. You can group video call and play silly games together. It’s fun whilst the internet works good but a lot of the time it doesn’t. It’s only day 4 and I feel so lonely.

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